Star Wars: The Old Republic Secrets

Star Wars: The Old Republic Secrets

Star Wars: The Old Republic Secrets

SWTOR Secrets is a SWTOR guide in the family of the many other ‘Secrets’ guides. In my experience, these guides are always top quality so I went expecting a lot from this SWTOR guide.

Unfortunately, SWTOR Secrets doesn’t totally live up to the hype. While the guide certainly has a good upside, it’s not nearly as comprehensive as some of the other Star Wars: The Old Republic Secretsguides on the market.


old republicUsually, the ‘Secrets’ guides are well made and excellently presented. But the standard of premium guides is going up and the quality and professionalism of guides is improving. Unfortunately SWTOR Secrets doesn’t quite keep pace with some of the better guides on the market. It lacks professional videos and at times its presentation feels tacky and campy. Maybe some people will enjoy that, but I review guides as if they were professionally made, even when they aren’t. This lacks that professional touch that would put it in league with the big players.


This is a reasonably comprehensive guide, but it was put out early in SWTOR’s release. This means that some of the content is now outdated and in need of updates. I was sorely disappointed when I went to follow the steps of a quest only to discover that quest has been changed! Regardless, there is some quality content here but I never felt like what I was learning was that ‘secretive’. Much of the content feels recycled. And I never felt like its maker is an elite SWTOR gamer. Granted, you don’t need to be a professional player to create a damn good guide, but it sure helps.


For $47 dollars you can get the complete guide, otherwise you can pay $27 dollars and just get a piece of the whole guide. Personally, this feels way overpriced and the $27 dollars for a portion of the guide is ludicrous. You could buy a lifetime supply of razers from best beard trimmer 2017 for that price. You can get a better SWTOR guide for $27 dollars that actually includes the whole guide! I don’t want to say steer clear, but I would suggest heading for clearer skies. This isn’t a bad guide, it just isn’t a great one.


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